The Author, Bonnie Best, has been a professional pet sitter for over 14 years and owns The Best Pet Sitting Service and BNME, Inc.  She is a retired Veterinary Technician and spent several years as a financial coordinator and accounts receivable manager at a large 24 hour emergency veterinary hospital.  For the past 30 years, she has been a professional dog obedience instructor, therapy dog trainer and has raised numerous champion show dogs.


After spending time as a cruelty investigator for the ASPCA, and organizing charitable events for abused pets and children, she dedicated herself to the education and awareness of pet care and training, for children and adults. She has spent countless hours with young children, teaching them awareness to animal care, animal behavior, and proper handling skills, in hopes to teach kindness. With her desire to continue in the animal field, yet reach out to her local community, she incorporated dog therapy training and handling into her obedience classes.  “Bringing a dog into the hospital environment is truly an eye opening venture.  It amazed me to see that such a simple gesture can help so many people at different levels.  Not only does the patient benefit, but more so the families, and staff.  Without having to return to college for a career change in midlife, I have been able to just expand on my life’s passion, and continue to make it my career. For that I am truly blessed.”  With her high visibility in the community with her pet sitting business, pet training, and therapy work, she became aware of the need to help with local shelters housing victims of domestic violence.  “I never knew how many different avenues I would find to apply my skills as a pet trainer and pet sitter!”  This gave her the opportunity to set up charitable events to help with the animals being displaced in these situations, and start on her new mission of teaching women about entrepreneurship, self reliance and independence. “Most women in domestically violent situations have no self esteem, regardless of their education or career.  In fact, the careers many of these women have, are still very male oriented, and their employers can seem overbearing to them, even when they are not.  These women just lose their self worth.  I find teaching and encouraging any type of self employment opportunity, large or small, really helps to give one confidence, which is what these women need most.”


The authors’ other business opportunities lie in her own corporation, BNME, Inc., which she owns and manages herself.  She has been married to her husband Rich for 30 years. He is retired from the Air Force, and is currently an Information Technology Engineer. They live in Gilbert, Arizona with their daughter Nikki, who attends college nearby. Her 4 dogs are her constant companions and office managers!